The challenge of this renovation was in creating interesting and unique spaces and finishes. From the Groin-plaster Vaulted Ceilings, Brick-Barrel Vaulted Kitchen ceilings, ceiling-trussed Great Room, stone floors and stone floors, it’s all unique!


When you first meet Joe Costantin, his unique unassuming presence coupled with his transparent dream-like creative aura and energy immediately seduces you into an architectural dream world. Joe has an extensive interview with you in order to resonate with your design visions. As a result, JCA seeks to create engaging environments with compelling emotional force.

They have an incredible vision, and you eagerly anticipate what that vision is. However, you trust that it will turn out magnificent, and it absolutely does. They have the ability and freedom to make an over the top fantasy whether starting from the ground up or adding to your existing project. You automatically feel as if you’ve entered a dream world.

As a RISD graduate, I personally feel that Joe’s greatest gift will be to ultimately give back to young architectural design students of the future by forwarding his desire to further develop environmentally sustainable and energy efficient projects. Being raised in Switzerland, I have become an architectural enthusiast who appreciates the infusion of old reclaimed elements with modern ones. JCA’s clear-cut ability to architecturally live in both worlds is unprecedented.

My wife and I loved working with JCA. It is an experience that we would not trade for anything!
~ Dr. Wayne & Debi Miller